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"I am fairly new to quilting and have been wrestling around with various types of marking devices. I finally found and purchased one of your stencils and Pounce Pads. I love it! It's great! The tear away stuff is a pain...your chalk is just what I needed to get the job done without the usual cursing."
Dian Chapman, newbie quilter
"I used the powder and stencil for the first time today. Wow, it works great. I am looking forward to using them on more of my quilts. Now I know where to shop for really great stencils. I am a very happy quilter! "
Janet, Sequim, WA
"I saw a quilt this weekend that was quilted with your stencils. It was awesome. First quilt the young lady had made and quilted herself with your stencils and she got 1st place at a "customer votes on which quilt you like best" event. So, needless to say, I'm excited about getting them."
Rose, Houston, TX
"Wanted to let you know that I recently ordered a pounce pad from you, (with white powder) and loved it so much I had to have another one with the blue powder. What a great idea. I love making quilts (the piecing is so much fun) but when it came time to do the actual quilting, I never looked forward ..."
La Nell, Salem, OR
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