We are so excited to have more beautiful Anne Bright Stencils! 

Anne Bright is a very skilled designer and quilter, her unique designs add such beauty and artistic flare to quilts. And now armed with your favorite Pounce Pad, you can transfer them and sew them into your quilts! We have 10 new stencils to pick from and as you will learn, there are a lot more designs to make out of these stencils than meets the eye! For instance… with this Stencil #60018 Alex.

#60018, Alex, shares similarities with the other 9 stencils in that it is a triangular design that comes in several different sizes. What’s really fun though is how you can play with the different triangles and make them into more elaborate designs!

You can also use them to make very unique blocks, as in this sample. These stencils can be used to fill just about any size block or border! There are examples of variations available with each new stencil below, to see more or to buy, click on the link.

20161022_154830  made from 2 fat quarters

Here are the others we have available:

#60010 Cherry Berry

Cherry Berry variations:

#60011 Treble Triangles 

Treble Triangle variations:

#60012 Snowflake Triangles


Snowflake Variations:

#60013 Little Triangles

Little Triangles variations:

#60014 Hippy

Hippy variations

#60015 Flurry

Flurry variations:

#60016 Enchanted

Some Enchanting variations:

#60017 Carnation


some of the Carnation variations:


#60019 Daphany  

The #60019 Daphany is a little different. Here are a few things you can do with it:

This pattern works wonderfully with the Orange Blossom Quilt Pattern by Plum Easy quilts!

We will soon have more Anne Bright designs coming – lots of new borders! Thanks for looking!

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