august 2209Why not stencil Scarlett’s beautiful Celtic knots on fabric, then have fun coloring them in with fabric markers & glitter pens!

Scarlett Rose has several of her designs made into Full Line Stencils and although they are wonderful to quilt we wanted to show you some other variations of uses.  Most of the different techniques which we’ll talk about start like this:

Position the stencil where you want to transfer it on the fabric – pictured is Grunge by Moda, then
apply the paint through the open mesh of the stencil with a stencil brush, a firm paint brush or a sponge dabber. We’ve had great results with a Fire stencil outlinesponge dabber and Fabric Creations Ink by Plaid but you can use whatever you want as long as it’s a water based paint or ink. Follow the manufacturers instructions for using on fabric.  Afterwards, rinse the stencil off with water and make sure no paint remains in the screen because it may dry and block areas if it’s not 100% rinsed off. That’s another reason we like the ink, it does not like setting up on the nylon mesh.

Once that dries, you’re ready to color!

You can see in this next photo the original ink outline with color added to brighten it up and then a black sharpie gone over the added color to look like stitches. The color was added with fabric markers.Fire on Grunge

Scarlett colored in these designs with fabric markers to get this stained glass coloring.

Fire feathers

This one was colored with Prismacolor Pencils with fabric medium and some feathers were added. How fun!

Put four of them together to make beautiful quilts and wall hangings!  This picture is not the finished quilt but you can see the design layout. It was colored with Crayola Fabric Markers and Crayola Glitter Markers. That design is 4 repeats of stencil #30690. Scarlett placed them together tightly in the center and interlaced the larger outside loops to create a chained together look.


We have four different large 12″ block Celtic stencils designed by Scarlett Rose to choose from, each a little different.

productimage-picture-30695-celtic-water-297                       productimage-picture-30694-celtic-wind-296

#30694 Celtic, Wind                                                                               #30695 Celtic, Water

productimage-picture-30690-celtic-series-fire-293                          productimage-picture-30691-celtic-earth-294

#30690 Celtic, Fire                                                                                          #30691 Celtic, Earth


30696 celtic circuits #30696 Celtic Circuits

This is the Celtic Circuit border – Look what you can do with it!


An and Forma with fabric marker

Scarlett colored this design using fabric markers and an indelible pen.

This picture below is of a different technique. We made it by forcing some craft glue through the stencil and then sprinkling glitter over the glue. Both glue and glitter were manufactured for being used on fabric.

2013-07-27 22.16.03

The possibilities are endless, experiment with your favorite technique. Here is a great decorative stitch filling in the inside of the lines.


For more information about Scarlett’s workshops and lectures, please download or open a PDF of her current workshop brochure.



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