Happy New Year! (9 weeks later, oops)  It seems like yesterday we were ringing in 2017 and now it’s almost March. “Time waits for no one” certainly is true. We hope this winter finds you happy and busy at your sewing machine where the sun shines everyday no matter what the weather is outside. We are so excited to share our “news” with you!  Keep reading and catch up on what we’ve been up to so far this busy year.

We have a lot of new quilters receiving our emails after our contest to win a year’s worth of stencils so this might be the first newsletter from Full Line Stencil that has appeared in your inbox. We want to extend a heartfelt welcome and thank you for participating in our contest in January! So many of you entered so the competition to win was fierce! There was but one lucky winner and I’m so happy to announce it was Annie McConnell of Cresson PA!

Meet our winner, Annie McConnell!

Annie has been quilting for three years. What she loves about quilting is like most of us, finishing a quilt. But she adds that she genuinely loves the entire creative process and seeing quilts that others have made. She believes quilts are truly works of art, old and new. (I think we all can agree on that)

We asked her what her first thought was when she found out she was the winner. This was her reply: “I was thrilled!  I remember seeing a demonstration at my first Quilt Show in Hershey a few years ago and began following you on Facebook.  I’m still a beginner, so I’ve only done walking foot quilting so far.  I’m feeling a little more confident to expand my skills and use the stencils for a more creative and interesting finish.”

Congratulations Annie! And in case you’re curious, these are the stencils picked by our winner, she’s got great taste and I’m sure some big wonderful quilting plans for the future. She also won a new Pounce Pad, the Ultimate Iron off!

Our next bit of “news” concerns our Pounce Pads. Every one of them has a brand new look! Check it out! We hope you like them, after 20 plus years this makeover was long over due. They still offer the same quality and excellence, just dressed up in a new

And of course we have “news” of new stencils!  We’ve added more Anne Bright Borders among others! They are beautiful and so easy to use. Most fit in 2″ wide borders and corners are included to make completing your border a breeze. You can see all the new stencils under the “A Look at What’s New” category of Full Line Stencils.

And last but certainly not least we have “news” of our newest designer of Full Line Stencils! Dusty Farrell!  To give you some background, this is what he wrote in the about us section of his book, Taking it to the Edge. It’s a great story.

Dusty started his quilting career in April, 2006 after attending a quilt show and trying out all those amped up sewing machines on wheels (longarms). By the end of the day he purchased “BABY” (his Nolting 24″ Pro). By the end of the month he had rented a building and opened a quilt shop (Country Stitchin). Since he had no prior experience he hit the ground running and taught himself how to quilt. He had no choice, he bought that big old machine. Before long he was quilting for customers and developing his own style. In 2009 he thought he might like teaching others his style of quilting so Country Stitchin hit the road heading to quilt shows all over the country.  – his words, taken from his book, Taking it to the Edge.

If you don’t know a lot about Dusty Farrell check out some of these links:

Dusty Farrell – Country Stitchin Quilt Shop

Stephanie Dusty Farrell | Facebook

Quilting in the Dark (Dusty Farrell)* – YouTube

We are so excited to have stencils that express Dusty’s unique style and talent! We have 7 to pick from and will be continually adding more!

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! We hope you enjoyed our mini explosion of newness! We also want to remind you we are at a major quilt show every weekend through the end of March and into April.  Check out our calendar for more details. But to be brief, we’re at
Mar 9-11 we’re in Atlanta, GA
Mar 16-18 we’re in Lakeland FL
Mar 21-25 we’re in Pigeon Forge, TN
Mar 29-31 we’re at the AQS Show in Lancaster, PA.
Hopefully one of these shows are near you and we can see you face to face, but until then we’ll look forward keeping in touch as always, on the web.

Best wishes in the new year,
Marilyn Deas






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