OK, so you’ve found us online or at one of the many quilt shows we attend across the country. You know that great quilting starts with the careful marking, and you can see how the 400+ designs available through Full Line Stencil and the Pounce Pad can help make that easier.

But how they heck do they work? Well we’re going to help answer that question and open up a whole new world of quilting possibilities with our new video tutorial series. Every other week we are going to be releasing a new, video tutorial to help you learn to use Full Line Stencils and Pounce Pads together to bring your quilting to the next level.

In this first video you’ll learn:

  • Why Full Line Stencils are different than other quilting stencils
  • How to use your Pounce Pad to mark your quilt with the stencil design
  • Some suggestions for creating different designs by using both sides of your stencil
  • Tips for lining up your stencil
  • How to easily remove chalk powder when you’re done quilting

This is just the first in a series of tutorials to help you use your Full Line Stencils and Pounce Pads, improve your quilting and have more fun during the quilting process.

We hope you enjoy these new video tutorials, and when you’re done watching, make sure to check out our 400+ stencils and Pounce Pads.

Products used in today’s video:

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