One of the questions we hear often when quilters are trying their Pounce Pads out for the first time is, “How do you get the chalk lines to show up so clearly?

Well, that is a two part answer. First make sure you choose a color chalk that will contrast with your quilt top. For example, our Ultimate White powder isn’t going to stand out on a cream background, but it will clearly show the stencil lines on black, or a vibrant fuchsia.

The second part is making sure you prime your Pounce Pad correctly when you use it for the first time and every time you refill it. You have got to push the chalk powder through the soft applicator of the Pounce Pad. Once you do that, the chalk will transfer through the fine mesh of the Full Line Stencils easily, leaving a clear line to follow as you quilt.

Bernie shows you how to properly prime your Pounce Pad in this week’s video tutorial. And when he says you need to bang that Pounce Pad 50 times, he means bang it!┬áJust remember the time your husband or kids used your sewing scissors to cut into a new electronics box and start whacking it against a table or hard surface. Then you’ll have plenty of chalk on the applicator, and you’ll be able to mark, and quilt beautiful lines.

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