Frequently Asked Questions about Pounce Pads

  1. What is the difference between the Quilt Pounces with Chalk and the Ultimate Quilt Pounce?
    The Quilt Pounces with either the white, pink or blue chalk powders mark your quilt top well. After sewing, the markings are removed by brushing or washing the quilt. The Ultimate Pounce Powder which is sold with the Ultimate Quilt Pounce is a white powder, a type of tailors chalk that irons off with a steam or dry iron.
  2. What is the difference between the white and the pink or blue chalk?
    The white chalk is basically chalk and the blue and pink are the same except for the addition of a small amount of a concentrated pink or blue pigment. Pink and Blue are non-staining colors unlike yellow but it’s recommended you test your fabric to be sure the removal will be complete, especially if you don’t want to wash your quilt. All chalks are non-permanent and should wash out when laundered. Fabrics vary so be sure and test! If you have trouble getting out the pink or blue, try sponging off with a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar.
  3. Do I need a different Quilt Pounce for each color chalk?
    We recommend that you have one Quilt Pounce for each color. If you do switch, be prepared for a long transition time with unsatisfactory results until it is completely changed to the second color.
  4. How long does the chalk last?
    The Quilt Pounce comes with 4 oz. of chalk or 2 oz. of Ultimate Pounce Powder. Regardless, the volume of both powders is the same. They should fill your Quilt Pounce about 4 times. In a large quilt show where we are constantly demonstrating how to transfer a stencil for 2 or 3 days we will have to refill the pad  two or three times. That is a lot of quilt marking and we hadn’t even used up a bag!
  5. I can’t see my lines, what’s wrong?
    A Quilt Pounce is a very simple device. If you can’t see the lines there really is only one possible reason. The pad you’re using is not completely primed. When you first fill your Quilt Pounce with either the chalk or the Ultimate Pounce Powder it is necessary to “prime” the pad. To do this, fill the pad as full as you can, replace the center cap  and set the pad into the bottom tray. Tap the pad into the palm of your hand to get the powder flowing through the foam lying below the fleece. This is not exactly a gentle process. If you can’t see your lines, you’ve been too gentle. It may take up to 100 taps to really get it primed and ready to transfer your stencils. Once it is primed a periodic tap in the palm of your hand (with the bottom tray on) will keep it working nicely.  If you’re putting a stencil pattern on to a quilt that’s stretched into the rolls of a longarm machine you will need something to support it from underneath. Most long arm sewers prefer to mark the top first on a table. The Pounce Pad works best when used on a hard surface.
  6. Am I supposed to “pounce” the pad onto the stencil?
    No! I have heard numerous times when I demo the Quilt Pounce and stencils, “mine doesn’t work like that!”.  I ask  to see how they use their Pounce Pad and every time the complaining quilter will make tiny repetitive taps across the stencil. This will yield very unsatisfactory results – not to mention wasting chalk and creating a lot of dusting for yourself! The way to “pounce” the pad is by making one firm tap and then without picking it up again rubbing the pad for about the next 4 inches then repeating the process. It’s not an exact science, if you understand that you need to get the powder out of the pad and then rub what comes out into your fabric you will find a way that suits you.  There shouldn’t be a cloud of chalk rising from transferring a stencil! 
  7. How do I stop my chalk lines from disappearing?
    Sometimes, depending on our fabric, the chalk wants to disappear before we’re ready to have it gone. Some fabrics require nothing be done and the chalk grips the fibers and adheres well. Other fabrics are not so cooperative. To solve this problem there is an easy solution – ordinary aerosol hair spray or sizing spray. After you transfer your stencil just spray over it from about 8 inches away. Spray enough to lightly wet it but not too much to where the moisture soaks the lines away.  You can spray the Ultimate Pounce Powder too.  Although it’s adhesion is already really great, you may run across a fabric that even it won’t want to adhere to. Spraying over it with hairspray or sizing spray doesn’t effect how it irons off at all.
  8. Can I wash off the Ultimate Pounce Powder?
    Yes! Ironing it off is the easiest way to remove it but by no means the only way. Sometimes when you’re using a poly batting or metallic thread you may not want to iron it away. It will come off easily with a damp cloth. It also brushes off. It will iron off from the back if you have delicate appliqué you may not want to iron over.
  9. Is there any particular way I should store the Quilt Pounce when I’m not using it?
    You may want to store it in its tray upside down. This keeps the powder from settling in the pad and over-saturating it particularly with the colored chalks.