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Joyous holiday greetings from!  There is still time to go from this…. To this! *The quilt pattern pictured is called Gift Wrapped by Marjorie Rhine Take advantage of our sale! All Holiday & Christmas stencils are 25% off! If you’re like me, you’re most likely frantically trying to finish all the projects that were […]

A Look at the “News” at

Happy New Year! (9 weeks later, oops)  It seems like yesterday we were ringing in 2017 and now it’s almost March. “Time waits for no one” certainly is true. We hope this winter finds you happy and busy at your sewing machine where the sun shines everyday no matter what the weather is outside. We […]

What’s new from Anne Bright!

We are so excited to have more beautiful Anne Bright Stencils!  Anne Bright is a very skilled designer and quilter, her unique designs add such beauty and artistic flare to quilts. And now armed with your favorite Pounce Pad, you can transfer them and sew them into your quilts! We have 10 new stencils to pick […]

Celebrating being on the road!

by Marilyn Deas Our Road Team, meet Bernie & Kathy Collier! Many people all over the country know and love Kathy & Bernie Collier but too many in our on-line community aren’t familiar with them so we thought we’d do a special celebration blog about our wonderful road team and tell the story of how they became such […]

What’s new!

I think we can all agree it’s always fun to look at new stuff.  We’ve added some great new designs to our collection recently and they deserve a little attention. We’ve had numerous (and I do mean numerous) requests to make some of our designs – especially borders – smaller. Well, finally we can say “Yes! […]

Fall in love with Quilting!

Happy Fall! It’s time to fall back in love with quilting! I love the fall. I love the changing leaves with all their beautiful colors, the approaching days that may require a cute sweater, the fresh produce from the harvest that was hopefully bountiful from the annual garden, the beginning of a new school year, the fact […]

Fun with Celtics featuring Scarlett Rose

Why not stencil Scarlett’s beautiful Celtic knots on fabric, then have fun coloring them in with fabric markers & glitter pens! Scarlett Rose has several of her designs made into Full Line Stencils and although they are wonderful to quilt we wanted to show you some other variations of uses.  Most of the different techniques […]